ElfRoutes Colorful Apron


Welcome to a Ritual

An apron is a ritual for us. It is an invitation to slow down. It is a great tool to open a circle and close a circle. Think it this way. You want to cook for you or your loved ones. Just slow down, breathe, wear your cooking apron, and make your intention. Be here and now. Cook. Once you finish cooking then slow down, breathe, feel the gratitude for a second and take off your kitchen apron to close the circle.

Happy rituals!

ElfRoutes Colorful Apron

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Design to Bring Art & Joy & Peace

Superior coverage

  • Colorful aprons for adults measures 94 cm. tall & 60 cm. wide for full coverage that keeps your clothes safe from all the stain from your kitchen or other workshop occasions.
  • 86 cm is the waist strap from each side, which makes this apron a great fit for everybody.
  • You can also wrap around and tie in the front.

Do what makes your soul happy apron

  • This baking apron or art apron is just great to use in any occasion.
  • Perfect for gardening, kitchen, chores, artist smocks, or even casual outfit.
  • It can be used for both professional and personal use.

2 large pockets handy for equipment

  • Designed for your everyday needs, this apron with pockets has 2 pockets for cellphone or pen, kitchen utensils, kitchen thermometer, recipe cards, a little notebook, color pencils, workshop materials.

Bohemian design

  • These bohemian design aprons for women are coming with 4 color options: blue, pink, beige, and green.
  • If you want to give your style, you can personalize and add your creativity by decorating them with a fabric pen.

Thoughtfully Designed Apron

Washable and easy to clean

  • This apron for women can be washed under 30℃,can be dry clean, and ironing can be at 130℃.

High-quality fabric

  • 100% cotton offers comfort and durability.
  • 94*60 cm is apron size.
  • 68 cm is the length of the shoulder strap for each side.
  • 86 cm is the length of the waist strap for each side.
  • The pocket-size is 17*17 cm.
  • Colors: blue, pink, beige, and green.

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Weight 0.23 kg
Dimensions 26.8 × 25.9 × 1.9 cm

Beige, Blue, Green, Pink


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