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Welcome to a Ritual

This ritual jewelry is a reminder of your intentions and gratitude.

  • In the morning slow down. Breathe. Wear your ritual jewelry. Set your intentions for the new day.
  • During the day slow down. Breathe. Each time you see your ritual jewelry during the day, remember your intentions and the beauty in everything.
  • At night slow down. Breathe. Remove your ritual jewelry. Keep it for a while. Remember all the beauty of your day. Feel gratitude.

Happy rituals!

ElfRoutes Evil Eye Jewelry



Design to Bring Art & Joy & Peace

We learn from kids, get inspiration from them and produce for both kids and adults

  • Children inspire us every day about how to live in the moment, the art of magic, living life as a game, and much more.
  • We got many of our product ideas during our interaction with them and we do produce for them and adults.
  • This jewelry is such a good example of that.
  • These evil eye bracelets and Turkish eye necklaces are both for adults and kids.

Designed by the heart and made by hand

  • Evil eye production and design are coming from 3000 BC.
  • In Turkey, today there are just 2 villages, still producing the evil eye beads with the same format as in the past.
  • These designs are original designs full of symbols and created by the heart of the master who believes in the power of it.

Strong symbolic images from human history

  • The evil eye is a symbol of protection used in cultures around the world to ward off evil or jealous looks and bad health and bring good luck.
  • Its found in all major religions and through countless cultures, being spread through the Mediterranean region and the Middle East.
  • It is one of the strongest symbolic images in the world.

Protect yourself from bad energies

  • It is believed that one can be harmed by the evil eye stare of an envious person, or by lengthy praise.
  • This can occur either consciously or unconsciously.
  • It is believed that the eye protects its owner from evil spirits and jealousy.
  • The evil eye beads produced from glass absorbs and once broken all the bad energy vanishes and yourself, your family, loved ones and your home will be protected.

Support fair trade and this tradition to continue

  • These evil eye beads are coming from a beautiful village in the Aegean part of Turkey.
  • With your purchase, you are not only supporting this artisanal production and making it possible for this human heritage to continue to live.

Recycled, zero waste products

  • In the production process, glass waste is reused.
  • Glass wastes are melted at 1000-1200 degrees on special ovens to be reshaped. An Anatolian glass master combines the power of the eye figure and the fire to create a brand-new talisman.


  • Pack includes 2 bracelets and 1 necklace.
  • Bracelets diameter: 6 cm.
  • Necklace diameter: 22 cm.

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Additional information

Weight 0.07 kg
Dimensions 22 × 14 × 5 cm


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