ElfRoutes Extra Large Storage Basket


Welcome to a Ritual

Organizing a house can be a calming activity. Taking care of your space is self-care. This cotton rope basket is great for that. Just think about what you need to store and enjoy the process. We love rituals. For us organizing a house can be a meditation sometimes.

Happy rituals!


Design to Bring Art & Joy & Peace

Calming design

  • Neutral colors and cotton-rich material of these baskets for storage, will fit with everything and bring a calming effect to your home.
  • The color of these extra-large storage baskets is white with black threads.

Blends well with everything

  • Their neutral color and simple style make these large baskets a perfect fit for every corner of the house: living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, closet, playroom…

Multipurpose usage

  • Flexible and soft material allows multiple storing options.
  • You can use this large storage basket for towels, laundry, yarns, dog’s toys, blankets, gloves, hats, mittens, toddler shoes, grand kid toys, magazines, and books…
  • If you do not have any concept in mind, then you can stylishly hide all your junk.
  • You can use this large woven storage basket’s 55 liter capacity for picking up a room in less than 30 seconds while achieving an ordered stylish appearance.

Easy to handle

  • Lightweight laundry basket with functional handles making it easy to move and carry.


  • Whether you need a quick storage solution for your kids’ toys, a laundry basket, or you just want a decorative bin at your living room to store miscellaneous stuff, this rope basket provides you plenty of room to keep your home clutter-free.
  • The size of these storage baskets is 43 cm of diameter x 38 cm of height = 55 liter.

Premium quality & long-lasting

  • Long-lasting toy basket with natural cotton rope and exquisite stitches.
  • Manufactured according to the highest environmental standards, with no chemicals added during the production process to provide safeness for everyone, including our kids.

Foldable & sturdy

  • These large baskets are foldable, so when you do not use them, it is easy to store without taking up much space.
  • Material: Non-woven fabric: 100% polyester.
  • Woven fabric: 70% cotton and 30% polyester.
  • This percentage has been used to provide the sturdy function of the cotton rope basket. Otherwise, the storage basket could not stay upright and still.

Easy to care

  • This large storage basket is very easy to clean.
  • Care instruction: Hand washing with a gentle detergent.
  • Because of the storage time, the cotton rope basket can have some creases.
  • To prevent this once you get the cotton storage basket, fill it with some household items or toys and wait some hours until it gets shape.
  • As an alternative gently place a damp cloth on the basket and use a hot iron to steam out the creases.

We Learn from Kids, Get Inspiration from them & Produce for Both Kids and Adults

  • To create a yes space for our kids, finally, we created this toy basket both for them and for us. Lightweight, soft, without sharp edges, safe materials, easy handling, and effortless cleaning make this basket great for toys storage. Perfect for your kids to play and start ordering. Taking care of our living space is the responsibility we all share.

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Additional information

Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 40.79 × 26.3 × 13 cm


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