Ramadan Activity Book for Kids

If you want to experience a magical Ramadan, involve kids in your rituals, let them guide you to how to live life with a beginner’s mind, curiosity, joy and simply wandering around with full trust and love.

Get our Ramadan activity book to explain Ramadan to your kids while having fun.

Downloadable Ramadan Activity Book.

  • Ramadan storytelling game
  • Ramadan memory card game
  • Ramadan word search game
  • Ramadan maze game
  • Ramadan symmetry drawing
  • Write your own prayer
  • Ramadan symbols painting
  • Moonsighting binoculars
  • Crescent Moon and Stars mobile
  • Hands of Fatima ceramic dish
  • Ramadan posters
  • Ramadan stickers
  • Ramadan good deeds cards



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