Ramadan E-Book: Living Ramadan As a Journey of Love

This book is an invitation to living Ramadan as a Journey of Love. 


The book starts with a prayer of Rabi’a Al-Adawiya:

“O, my Lord, if I worship Thee from the fear of hell, burn me therein, and if worship Thee for the hope of paradise, exclude me therefrom, but if I worship Thee for Thine own sake, then withhold not from me Thy Eternal Beauty”.


91 pages book includes 15 chapters: 

  • What Ramadan is All About? Let’s Explain Ramadan?
  • Ramadan Symbols and Why We Celebrate Ramadan?
  • Welcoming Ramadan! How One Can Be Preparing for Ramadan?
  • How to Make Most of Ramadan: Things toDo During Ramadan
  • 10 Activities of Ramadan for Ramadan Reflections & Blessings of Ramadan
  • Being a Secret Angel Has Never Been So Much Fun
  • Creative 50 Ideas for 30 Good Deeds for Ramadan
  • My First Ramadan Experience to Find the Meaning of Ramadan for Me
  • Countdown the Month of Ramadan: Ramadan Daily Quotes & Sayings for 30 days
  • Ramadan Night of Power and Why It is So Important?
  • 1 Ramadan Story & 1 Ramadan Poem
  • How to Eat Healthy & Exercise During Ramadan?
  • Interesting Facts About Ramadan, Ramadan Questions and Ramadan Rules
  • Ramadan At Home. How Can I Decorate My House for Ramadan?
  • Ramadan for Kids: Explaining Ramadan to a Child


This Ramadan, may Rabia’s guidance be upon us.





Ramadan E-Book: Living Ramadan As a Journey of Love



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