What Happens on a Spiritual Journey? 

what happens on a spiritual journey

I am writing this article on my way back from a spiritual journey—a journey inside a trip. 

I am returning from a trip where I spent several days with a dear friend. 

It was a celebration and a closing ceremony of a dying and reborn circle for me (yeah, I just learned that my incarnation cross in human design is a Sleeping Phoenix, and you already know that my spirit animal is a Phoenix!

As in all journeys with an intention that converts itself to a spiritual one, I am coming back with my pockets full to digest.

This article is the continuation of my article; how to begin your spiritual journey.

And now it is time to talk about; how to make a spiritual journey, how to practice, how to write, do you need to go to a place for a spiritual journey, and many more.

Let’s dive deep. Shall we?

How to make a spiritual journey?

A spiritual journey is a journey to your inner world. So it is an internal conversation. So that is why giving the care to be able to have these inner conversations is extremely important. 

Honor your alone times. Create your sacred space to have more of these times. 

In a spiritual journey, attitude is the key. It is very similar to a trip. When you travel, many things happen. How do you face life events? 

With an open hearth?

With curiosity and joy?

Or are you continuously getting triggered by the things you consider obstacles on your way?

The same applies to the spiritual journey. 

One can embrace an inner journey with curiosity, an open heart, and joy. The ability to do so comes from always remembering that you are supported and loved.

The spiritual journey is about changing your perception of what is coming to you. Your life is a journey. Remember. There is no place to reach.

In the beginning, you can struggle to have this attitude. 

In Sufism, there is a concept that can help you as a guide to your spiritual journey.

Sharia, Tariqa, Haqiqa and Marifa

Sharia, are the rules about values. But unfortunately, this is a concept that is filled with many negative connotations. 

However, in this line with the other three, sharia is talking about following the rules. 

The main point is not to hurt any creature. 

When you start your spiritual journey, you can remind yourself of the values you want to take care of. 

You can start simply by choosing to be a better version of yourself in your interactions with others.

Then comes the tariqa. Once you set grounding values for yourself, you can choose your rituals and be in a circle with others sharing these rituals. 

Next is marifa, where your essence, your inner truth, something from you coming naturally. You would realize that sharia and tariqa made their purpose, and things come naturally.

Finally, it is the point where you would reach your haqiqa. Your reality, from where you will connect to the One. No duality would exist anymore.

How to practice a spiritual journey? 

Another Sufi concept is Ilmel yakin-aynel yakin-hakkel yakin.

  • First, you will learn from the information. You will follow your curiosity, read, and get inspired by others in the place of ilmel yakin. This way, you will become closer.
  • In aynel yakin, you will experience and become closer with your experiences. For me, this is the place where knowing more than believing happens. 
  • Then hakkel yakin is the place where you will become One.

In both of these concepts, there is a focus on following your curiosity, your questions, and your answer.

You are practicing your rituals until the point where your life itself becomes a ritual.

Rituals can be anything. Playing an instrument can be a great ritual for you to connect. 

Where first you will read, you will practice, until a point where your melodies will flourish from you. 

There will not be any instrument nor a player but just the music.

Just as in Ilmel yakin-aynel yakin-hakkel yakin.

The spiritual journey is long. That is why remembering is critical—remembering you are supported and loved. You are connected. Always.

That is why in Sufi tradition, dhikr, repeating different names of God, is very important. The difference between dhikr from a mantra comes from its meaning. Dhikr means remembering. 

Another emphasis is on intentions and rituals. 

Connecting to yourself- the only place you can connect to the Divine. 

Set your intention. Do your rituals. Whatever is meaningful for you. Suppose you feel called for the rituals of your ancestors, then great. If not, choose another path. If non of the ways call to you and you are still called for a spiritual journey, discover your rituals.

Be curious and open-hearted. Enjoy!

How to write a spiritual journey? 

Writing is emphasized in many rituals for a spiritual journey. When we write, the unconscious and conscious get engaged. 

After shamanic journeys, it is recommended to write your experience. 

Again it is recommended to have a dream journal to write your dreams. 

Writing is an excellent practice for leaving doubts behind, sensing the unseen, and being aware of your symbols and patterns.

You can increase the examples, morning pages, praying journals, shadow journals, tarot journals…

Or express yourself by writing to hear your inner voice. 

How to stop the spiritual journey? 

Once you start, I am still determining if it is possible to stop. You lose your balance and focus from time to time, but once you start, it just continues.

Starting your spiritual journey is nasip, meaning it is a gift coming from life. Maybe we have received these invitations several times and did not listen.

But we listen and start the journey, and the journey continues.

Where to go on a spiritual journey? 

You do not need to go to any place for a spiritual journey. Still, in all spiritual paths, there is an emphasis on pilgrimage or simply traveling.

From time to time, it is a great idea to go on a spiritual journey.

If you need help deciding where to go, try to sense if any pilgrimage is calling you, any land, or maybe your ancestor’s land.

There may be a specific invitation that your intuition says you to go.

Or if you do not sense any specific place, remember, for a spiritual journey, you do not need to go to any particular pilgrimage space. 

The intention is the thing that converts a journey into a spiritual one. 

Before starting your journey, set your intention and wander around.

How is a pilgrimage a spiritual journey?

When you travel, you leave your routine, and you begin to hear those voices that try to speak to you. You see those signals that life is sending to you.

This physical journey is a simulation of a spiritual journey. 

When you go out of your routine, the responses of the universe can be better seen and felt. 


“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”

– W.B. Yeats.

“Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, man cannot live without a spiritual life.”

– Buddha.

We are spiritual beings and need to be aware of our spirituality. Once you start your spiritual journey, all those magics begin to shine.

Can you see it?

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