Which Chakras Are Blocked and How to Practice Chakra Healing?

how to practice chakra healing

Chakras have been one of the oldest and spread systems in the world. They are great to provide us a self-healing mechanism. But how you can understand if your chakras are working well or if they are blocked? And if they are blocked which chakras are blocked and how to practice chakra healing? 

It is amazingly simple. The main chakras are related with different characteristics when they are working properly or when they are blocked. By being aware of these characteristics of each chakra you can understand if your chakras are blocked or not. If blocked which ones. 

Once you have this information, practicing chakra healing is essential. Sound, intention, and visualization are the main tools that you will use on the path. In this article, I will provide you with chakra healing rituals using sound and intention. In another article, we will talk more about visualization rituals. 

So, let’s start!

Do chakras get blocked?

Since the chakras distribute the life energy to the physical body through the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems, through the endocrine glands (also called the glands), their imbalance or proper functioning can be counted among the causes of bodily diseases.

They also play an important role in the overall well-being of quality of life as they relate to emotional and mental health and spiritual growth.

Why do chakras get blocked?

For example, if fear, anxiety, and stress negatively affect the balance dynamics of these centers, and if emotional traumas disrupt the energy flow from the chakras and disrupt the work of the endocrine glands, an imbalance in hormonal activities begins.

How do you know which chakra is blocked?

Our bodies are our temples, our sacred spaces. We are the spiritual beings having the living experience in this body form. 

Having full control of it and the ability to self-heal. We have eyes that can see inside and realize any imbalance, blockage, or necessity that our bodies may have. 

The Chakra system is providing incredible signs for us, to see if there is an imbalance both in the physical and emotional sphere of our body. 

Below, I am sharing with you, what happens when your specific chakra is blocked or imbalanced so that you can know which of your chakras is blocked. 

This is your body and your life experience. Get the responsibility of your body and your life!

What happens when your root chakra is blocked?

Obesity, spine problems, anorexia, and sciatica diseases appear.

When your root chakra is out of balance, you would feel fearful, anxious, restless, lack of discipline. You would overeat and be easily dominated by others. You would manipulate others with passive-aggressive behavior and would have decreased personal power and passion.

What happens when your sacral chakra is blocked? 

When your sacral chakra is out of balance, you would feel sexual fear or sexual addiction and denial of pleasure. You would have a rigid attitude and intense emotions. You would be seductive and manipulative.

What happens when your solar plexus chakra is blocked? 

Digestive system diseases, ulcers, and diabetes could appear. 

You would have low self-esteem, a weak will, and a victim mentality. Would set poor boundaries and have an attitude of aggression, controlling, blaming, and arrogance. You would have power hunger and be stubborn.

 What happens when your heart chakra is blocked? 

Lung problems, asthma, high blood pressure, and heart disease could appear.

Jealousy, codependency, being possessive and judgmental, and fear of intimacy could exist in your life. 

What happens when your throat chakra is blocked? 

Sore throats, colds, stiff neck, and hearing problems or loss could appear. 

When your throat chakra is out of balance, you could face excessive talking and an inability to listen. Gossiping, fear of speaking, shyness, and shutting down could be also the result of this imbalance. 

What happens when your 3rd eye chakra is blocked? 

Manifests itself as eye disease. Indecision, confusion, and emotion-action inconsistencies could be seen as a result. 

If you have nightmares, poor vision, and memory, obsessions, difficulty concentrating, depression then these can be signs that your 3rd eye chakra is blocked. 

What happens when your crown chakra is blocked? 

Depression, constant distress, and apathy would appear. 

When your crown chakra is out of balance cynicism, greed, materialism, spiritual addiction, confusion, and physical disconnection would be the signs. 

How to open chakras and how to practice chakra healing?

I would like to share with you the information and 2 chakra healing techniques that I have learned during the sound healer diploma training by Michele Averard and Nestor Kornblum and Vocal Odyssey – meeting with the spirit of your voice gathering by Nessi Gomes and Lino Hermesh.

Our chakras work for us in a similar way that an air conditioner filters and circulates clean air around the room. If the filters in the machine are not cleaned regularly, a build-up of dirt from the dust particles in the air accumulates and eventually, the filter gets clogged. This reduces the airflow causing the propellers to struggle. 

Our chakras are like those filters and our vital energy depends on the velocity of our propellers. The quicker our energy flows the less likely they are to accumulate negative and dense vibrations that slow our system down. 

How do you unblock your chakras?

One of the most powerful ways to clean our chakras is through the use of voice and intention, a technique called toning. Toning not only cleans but can also introduce vibrational pattern changes to wherever it is directed. A standing wave is generated during toning which is then directed by the intention of the intoner toward the energy center or physical organ in question.

Chakra Healing Ritual 1: Toning the chakras

Toning can be done by anybody, and no musical knowledge or good voice is needed. You can do this exercise by standing, sitting, or lying down. It is important to keep your spine straight so that your breathing is not obstructed.

In a sitting or standing position, your feet should be flat on the ground and slightly apart. 

Focus your attention on your breathing and be aware of where your breathing is located. Consciously send your breath down to your diaphragm by relaxing your stomach. This will help you to be in the moment and feel centered. 

If you wish to turn all your chakras, then begin with your first chakra, the base chakra, located at the base of your spine and between your legs. 

Take a deep breath and on the out-breath, make an “ugh” sound (the sound you would make if someone bumped you in the solar plexus) and extend the sound until the very end of your breath.

Toning is basically a long-drawn-out sound on one single tone and has no melody or rhythm. It usually involves vowel sounds but can also include consonants. 

Repeat this long vowel sound three times for each of the chakras, and on the fourth breath exhale the vowel silently keeping the same mouth shape. This 4th breath serves to caress the chakra after it has been toned. Tone your way up the chakra system using the vowel sounds provided below and leave a period of silence before moving up to the following chakra. 

When you have toned the seventh or crown chakra, take a minute to meditate on the balance, harmony, and cleanliness in your entire chakra system. 

Then return once more to the Base chakra, and tone it at least once more with the “ugh” sound in order to “ground”. Finishing on the crown chakra may leave you dizzy, disoriented, and floating off the ground. 

 This exercise should take approximately 15 minutes, longer, if you repeat the vowel sounds more than 3 times per chakra. It is not advisable to go beyond 7 repetitions for each chakra, and only after a few weeks of practicing the exercise. 

Most important of all is to have fun and enjoy the new awareness of the sound and the vibration in your own energy system. 

There are many different systems for toning the chakras, almost as many systems as there are sound therapists. Here are the main 7 chakras and the sounds for each. This one is recommended by Michele Averard and Nestor Kornblum during the sound healer diploma training. 

Base Chakra sound “UGH” as in pearl. 

Sacral Chakra sound “U” as in cute. 

Solar Plexus Chakra sound “O” as in for.

Heart Chakra sound “AH” as in mama.

Throat Chakra sound “E” as in help.   

3rd Eye Chakra sound “I” as in do-re-mi.

Crown Chakra sound “silence” a sound containing all other sounds. 

Chakra Healing Ritual 2: which chakras are blocked and need healing test

I have learned this chakra healing technique from Nessi Gomes and Lino Hermesh during the “Vocal Odyssey – meeting with the spirit of your voice” gathering.

You will realize the slight difference in the vowels recommended with the 1st chakra healing ritual. 

This ritual has 3 levels. The first one is vowels, the second one is touch and the third one is intentions. With the combination of these 3, you would create medicine to nourish yourself. 

Lay down. Sitting is also ok. Make yourself as comfortable as possible with the help of a blanket and pillows. Make yourself as cozy as you can.

Sense your connection to the sofa, carpet, wherever you are. 

Feel your body sensation. Be aware. Consciously soften the places where there is tension. Do very gentle and loving way. 

Making the breathing slower, allowing the natural flow. Have long, gentle, easy-going exhales. 

In the first level, you can choose one or two vowels based on chakras and soothe yourself with these vowels. You can choose the vowels according to your gut feeling and intuition. 

Below, I have prepared for you the list of the essences when chakras are balanced and imbalances when chakras are out of balance and the vowel. All related with each chakra separately. 

You can read the essence, imbalance so that you can feel the whole rainbow of the human experience. Once you read the list, the invitation is to take in the information and trusting your intuition to choose the vowel that will support you right now. Defining your urgent need right now. 


Feel free on your next breath, to bring the vowel you choose.

As a second layer, you can feel if there is any place that needs your extra care, attention, and love. So that you can place your hand. You can ask yourself, where my hand wants to extend right now as an extension of the healing? Gently bring your hand to that specific place.

The third level is intention. When you add an intention to a sound, intention converts the sound to healing. While sounding the vowel you chose, you carry a certain intention towards yourself with your breath, a prayer. 

Does not need to be too big. Better if it is down to earth. Something you need right now. Something you would pray for yourself.  

Slowly bring the intention into your consciousness, the prayer, the wish for yourself.

As a result, you would work multidimensionally with yourself. Feel and realize how they are all connected. They are working for you. 

Give yourself good 10 minutes of self-love, good medicine, 100% yours. 10 minutes of self-love on different aspects of your being.

After 10 minutes slowly come back to the body

Stretch your hand, your toes.

Notice any shift. Anything that is here now that was not before. Gently notice your thoughts or emotions, without any comparison with full acceptance. 


We human beings have been created with self-healing power. With our consciousness, we can be aware of our connection to the cosmic energy and if this energy is flowing freely or there are blockages. 

If there are blockages or places where it is not in balance in any power center, called chakras, then we have the ability for self-chakra healing. 

It is simple. We have the power. 

I have practiced many times these two chakra healing rituals that I have shared with you. They both helped me as a self-medicine and as a harmonizer. I hope it will also help you. 

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